Will Dr. Quan take my insurance?

Dr. Quan will be able to take most commercial and Medicare insurances.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Wellcare, HealthyCT, Colonial, Humana, Evercare, Secure Horizon, Medicaid, Husky or any Health Exchange insurances. Should you have any further questions regarding which insurances we accept, please do not hesitate to call our office:

(860) 432-8400.

How do I get a consultation with Dr. Quan? 

You must ask your doctor to send a consultation request with demographics, any labs, notes or radiologic studies pertinent to the consultation. This is done to save time for the patient and guarantees the high quality of care you receive from Dr. Quan while minimizing unnecessary testing.

What should I expect at my first visit?

Many patients comment on the thoroughness of this visit.  You will be asked to fill out MANY papers before being seen by Dr. Quan.  Some are government mandated, while others gives a broader perspective on your health that may be directly/indirectly related to your rheumatologic consultation. 
 Click on "Forms" from our home page to download our New Patient Forms.  Print and fill out as much as you can.  This can take up to half an hour to finish. 

After finishing your paper work, you will be brought to an exam room where your vitals will be measured.  Dr. Quan will then spend a significant amount of time going over your symptoms and perform a physical exam to ascertain a possible diagnosis.  Many, but not all, patients will need to have supplemental laboratory and radiologic tests completed.  Not everyone will have a diagnosis; however, a treatment plan will be discussed before you leave the office. 

NOTE: Please bring in a separate list of your medications with you on your visit.

Why was I charged a no show fee? 

We set aside time to take care of you.  If you do not come to an appointment and do not cancel and/or reschedule within 48 hours, you will be charged $50.  This is done because your time slot (which can be up to 1 hour for a new patient) could have been used to help another patient.  

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